The Issues


Smaller, Less Expensive, Less Intrusive Government

Bigger government costs the taxpayers, consumers and businesses more money. More regulations, restrictions and laws inevitably make living our lives and doing business more expensive and cumbersome.  Compliance and reporting requirements make the products and services that we buy more expensive as a result. Government needs to stop telling us how to live our lives and what to do at every turn.  It’s time we stop looking for government to solve every problem, and to stop thinking that problems will get solved if we just throw more money at them. We need to look at every program that is being funded by taxpayers to see if they are effective and worthwhile. If they are not, then we need to defund them or replace them with programs that work.  We need to stop rewarding failure and start rewarding efficiency, excellence and productivity.

Against Any State Income Tax or State Sales Tax

New Hampshire already has enough revenue being generated through property tax and other fees. The State needs to quell its growing appetite for spending and use the money from its income streams more efficiently.   The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough money. The problem is that we are spending it in the wrong areas, or spending it inefficiently. We don’t need KENO schemes or to comply with complicated federal government handout programs. We need to be prudent with our money just like every New Hampshire family that deals with their own family budget.   

Unapologetically Pro Second Amendment

I believe in the right to bear arms and the right to protect oneself and one’s family. I don’t believe that more laws restricting gun ownership do anything to deter crime or stop violent acts.  Gun control only helps criminals by disarming everyone else. Every heinous mass murder was perpetrated by someone who broke many laws in the first place, so one more law will not matter, nor will it prevent these horrific crimes. Statistics prove that places with more gun control laws have more gun crime, and places with less gun control laws are safer.  Furthermore, when horrific acts like Newtown or Parkland happen, it is always the people who did not pull the trigger that are punished with bans and other harsh and ridiculous restrictions. That to me is not only unfair, but immoral.  There are other effective solutions to gun crime and mass shootings. Banning firearms, restricting firearms use and requiring more registration or reporting are not effective solutions.

Pro Liberty and Pro Freedom

Our State Motto is “Live Free or Die”. It’s not just a motto, but a way of life; a mindset.  It’s no surprise that we are one of the freest States in the Union ranking high on personal and economic freedom.  I will work to keep it that way.  We should all celebrate the notion of being free to follow our dreams, to pursue happiness and to live our lives as we deem fitting.  We believe that adults can manage their lives without the State telling them what is best for them at every turn. This doesn’t mean that anyone can do anything they please. Granite Staters are an independent and thoughtful lot.  We understand that actions have consequences, and that we should do no harm to others as we pursue our own paths in life. We should continue to help each other in our communities, to foster harmonious and cooperative environments and to support local enterprise and free expression of ideas. We should encourage creativity, competition and free markets. We should celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.   That is the New Hampshire way.

Supports Veterans and Those Who Serve Our Communities

The people who have served our country in the past, those who currently serve our country and those who work tirelessly in our communities to protect our lives and our property are special people who deserve our thanks and praise.  They are our friends and neighbors, and the backbone of every community in the Granite State. These are our local heroes that help to make New Hampshire stay the number one safest place to live in our country. We should give them our support and our help when they need it as well.

Pro Business and Local Community

When business is allowed to flourish, and an economy grows you have a healthy economic environment for business owners, workers and consumers. Free markets and competition make for growth, innovation, and more jobs. New Hampshire is blessed to have one of the best economies in the country with low unemployment and strong growth.  I will fight any legislation that would seek to repress and hamper that growth. We should keep business taxes low so that more businesses make New Hampshire their home base. We must address the high costs of utilities in New Hampshire as these hurt businesses and individuals. Additionally, our small local community businesses are of great importance and should be nurtured and encouraged. We do not need to tie them down with taxes, fees, and other onerous requirements.

Pro Parental Rights

I believe that parents/guardians know what is best for their children. I will oppose any piece of legislation that intends to undermine a parent’s right to choose for their child or be informed with regard to their child.  No minor child should be treated, evaluated or tested for something in school or a clinic, or receive medical treatment or procedures, without an informed parental consent.  Parents need to take back their right to control the education, health and upbringing of their own children. They must not abdicate those responsibilities or allow themselves to be marginalized by “experts”.

Supports Educational Choice

There are many ways to educate a child. Parents should be able to choose programs and methods that they know will work best for their children and their lifestyle. A child’s education can come in the form of public, private, charter, homeschool or perhaps some other model.  All parents, together with their children’s input, should be free to decide their own path. Education funding can be a complicated, emotional and sticky issue, but we must find solutions that allow parents to choose what works best for their children.  No child should be stuck in an education model that is inadequate or does not work for them.   We need to examine education funding formulas in New Hampshire. They are convoluted and antiquated. I believe that education funding should follow the child and be utilized in the best interest of every child in New Hampshire. Public education is an important part of every community’s budget and should not be short changed, but we must also demand that funding is being used efficiently and effectively to help our children achieve all that they can be.  

Pro Agriculture and Pro Environment

New Hampshire is a beautiful and productive state.  We must do what we can to encourage farming and agricultural production, so that everyone can benefit from locally produced food in our state. New Hampshire Farmers know how to best care for and utilize the land, and it is in their best interest to do so. They understand the concepts of sustainability and being stewards of the land.  I believe we all have a stake in properly caring for our land here in the Granite State, but we must also temper efforts to conserve with reasonability and prudence.   I do not believe in the expansion of State or Federal Government control of property in order to conserve it, nor should they dictate how it should be used and who can use it.  State and Federal land grabs are bad policies which deprive people of private property rights and deprive local municipalities of tax revenue.    

Against “Out of State Influence”

It is not to the benefit of New Hampshire residents when out of state millionaires or other moneyed interests come to our State House and push legislation that we do not need or want. They usually buy support and work through state wide organizations to push for laws that are not inherently “New Hampshire” ideas and somehow try to sell them as New Hampshire “grassroots”.  More often than not they are a solution looking for a problem. No millionaire or moneyed interests from out of state should be telling us how to run business here or telling us what our laws should look like. Just because some other State does something does not mean New Hampshire should too.